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Term 1

What a great start to the year! We hit the ground running this year and tackled many fun themes already, starting with My School, All About ME, My Family, Pets, Dinosaurs, In the garden, Safety. We also squeezed in Valentines Day.

Let’s take a look at one of those themes: Pets

We had pets from home come and visit each day. Lots of dogs, a cat, a tortoise and even two baby turtles. Each day we learnt about a different type of per, where they lived, what they eat and what the need from us. Can you believe that some people even have SPIDERS as pets?! We learnt about fish, rabbits, birds, cats and dogs. Not all of us have pets so it was fun to cuddle some of our friend’s furry loved ones.

At the end of the term we had our favourite fundraiser, called MARKET DAY. Here we sell all sorts of yummy goodies that our parents generously make or donate. It was a big success and the kids thoroughly enjoyed our 2 jumping castles and getting their faces painted. With the money raised we installed 2 new see-saws and a balance beam on our playgrounds. There will also be some toys for winter.

We are very much looking forward to our week of holiday. It’s always fun at Kid’s Republic. Each day has a theme and we play and play and play.

Thanks for reading!

Tortoise, turtles and 2 best friends

Pet week crafts


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