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Manners 4 Minors

We are so happy to offer Manners 4 Minors at our school. All the children attend and the fee is included in our school fees. Here is an example of this week’s lesson with Carmen.

Weekly Progress Report
Mom knows best
This is one of my favourite lessons by far. In fact I think it should be taught once a
term. In this lesson we concentrate on no whining and no nagging.
Unfortunately children appear to have perfected the art of whining and nagging and
they know just how to wear down a tired parent with their incessant asking for
things. I am sure we have all experienced a trip around pick n pay with a four or five
year old who insists on asking for sweets, chips and toys and the closer to the till
one gets the more determined the child becomes to leave with something. By this
stage we feel as though we have said no to everything in the shop, so finally we cave
at the till with a small sweet telling ourselves we got off lucky because we could
have had to buy an expensive toy.
We begin by establishing the fact that Mommy and Daddy are in charge. I ask the
children why the parents are in charge and I get all sorts of answers, I then explain
to the children that Mommy’s and Daddy’s and teachers are in charge because they
care for us and they look after us. So when we ask if we can swim in the middle of
Winter the answer is no because we will get sick. It is not no because Mommy feels
like being mean.
We know too well the voice that goes with whining and nagging the long drawn out
Mooooommmmmyyyyyy etc.
So in this lesson I get revenge by making the children be the Mommies and Daddy’s
and the puppets get to be the nagging, misbehaving children. And I and relentless
the children think that I will stop once they have said no but I then start with the
Why’s ?.
Eventually I get the children to acknowledge that the noise is irritating and annoying
and that it is not acceptable behaviour.
We discuss the strange voices we use when we whine and nag.
We also discuss other ways of asking for something.
The point we emphasise the most though is that No! Means No! And that is the end
of it.
We learn a little rhyme.
“When we whine
It isn’t fine.
When we nag
Mommy’s finger will wag.
And when it’s No!
It’s No!”


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