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How we work

Our programmes provide peer group experiences, stimulating environments, and challenging, age-appropriate educational and play materials.  Step into our classes on any day, and you may see kids involved in:

group activities  –  cooking — outdoor play — free play — language
science –  art — music — snack time — story time — math.

These activities might typically include painting, construction sets, sand/water play, play-dough, cutting/gluing, puzzles, trains/cars, books, the home corner and dressing up.

We have teacher led art, music, and story time classes that take place in various venues throughout the building. Your child will be taught by all 3 teachers during the week to provide more focused enrichment opportunities. For example, music may take place in a class other than their home room and taught by one of the other class teachers. Art, baking and story time will also be in various venues of the school. This encourages their excitement to participate as well as keeping the day interesting.